Walking Bus

Are your mornings hurried and leave you feeling stressed?

Would you like some help in getting your child to school?

We run a FREE walking bus for the pupils in our school. Children in Years 1 - 6 are invited to join us every morning. Our set route starts at the top of Newstead and we walk down through the village. We start at Hatfield Place, go onto Brooklands Crescent, East Street, West Street and then onto Attlee Avenue and finally head to school.

Our Walking Bus — where the children walk to school, chaperoned by staff — not only boosts exercise and lowers carbon footprints, but also helps the children see different parts of the community working together. We also teach the skills of how to walk safely, and help to develop their understanding of the dangers of the road and how to avoid them.

Year 6 pupils are invited to become prefects and Year 5 Deputy prefects who take on responsibilities, helping out with the younger pupils. The Walking Bus promotes independence to all our members.

The Walking Bus also feeds into the Breakfast Club. Once we arrive at school the children enjoy a delicious, nutritious breakfast. Please see all details on our Magic Breakfast page.

If you interested in joining us, please speak with Mrs Carter. Parents must complete a form before children can formally join.