School Milk

Our Academy milk supplier is Cool Milk 

Children are entitled to have a Free carton of milk until the Friday before their 5th birthday. Children who are entitled to a Free School Meal can continue to have milk free until the end of year 2. After this time, parents can purchase cartons of milk for their child to drink in school direct from the dairy.

If you would like your child to receive milk at school, you can register online at 

If you opt into this scheme, your child will receive a 189ml carton of fresh chilled semi-skimmed milk each
school day, to drink mid-morning. The cost of this milk depends on the number of school days in each term
(accounting for inset days, bank holidays and school holidays) and is payable in advance prior to each half
term, or you can pay for the full academic year in advance. You can pay for your child’s milk online using
PayPal or a credit or debit card in four easy steps.

Please visit the Cool Milk website at for details on how this scheme works and how
to register, order, pay and manage your account online.

Benefits of drinking cow’s milk include:
A portion of milk can aid concentration in class by ensuring your child is fully hydrated, and a drink of
milk can also boost your child’s energy levels
Milk is rich in calcium, which is essential during childhood and teen years for the growth and
development of bones
A 189ml carton of semi-skimmed milk contains less fat than popular snacks such as crisps or
chocolate, and because of its nutritional value, milk is a healthier alternative to fill the gap between
breakfast and lunch

If your child suffers an allergy to cow’s milk, Cool Milk can offer goat’s milk or soya milk.

Cook Milk online ordering and payment system is fully secure. You will be asked to enter a valid email
address and create a password when registering your child.

Cool Milk does not retain your personal details, except for your email address. Your email address is only
used to send you a reminder to log back into your account and order for the following term.

In purchasing School Milk, not only are you helping your child’s nutritional needs, you are also helping to
support their education, because Cool  Milk gives a rebate of new sales back to the school at the end of
the academic year, allowing your child’s school to purchase any equipment that is needed to help to support
learning at this school.