Children's Roles

Student’s opinions are very important and should play a key role in shaping the Academy. In order to achieve this, we have formed the School Parliament; key roles and groups within the Academy which allow pupils to have their say and to voice their opinions as well as supporting other students. All students involved in student voice have the opportunity to develop key skills of leadership, responsibility, team work, organisation, the opportunity to raise self esteem and build self confidence.

Each class are represented on the School Parliament by two children and the children represent different departments within the parliament depending upon their interests.

We have departments for:

Equality and Inclusion

What we do -

Every half term, a different group of ministers have met with council members from all the other Outwood Primary Academies, via Google Meet, to be set challenges by Mr Wilson. This has included the children carrying out surveys throughout school and using this to make suggestions of how to further improve school for our pupils.

So far, the Education Ministers, along with support from our Prime Minister and Deputy, have observed Time to…. lessons throughout school, shared this with other Outwood Primaries and created their own presentations suggesting how lessons could be more memorable.

The Ministers for Sport conducted surveys during break and lunchtimes to explore the favourite, most popular games played by Newstead Green pupils. They then produced a list of games and exercises, including lists of rules and photographs which were shown to the other primary academies.

Currently, the Department of Energy ministers are investigating the food and packaging waste produced during lunchtimes and have visited a local landfill site with Mr Wilson and ministers from other schools.

Reading Ambassadors video  - Key points on using the library