What is Mymaths?

Mymaths is the next generation in learning, helping children enjoy maths and improve their results. Children will be set a weekly task by their class teacher which will either consolidate or extend what they have learnt during the week or introduce children to the topic they are going to be looking at during the next week.

Mymaths creates hugely increased levels of pupil engagement, confidence and motivation in maths.
Mymaths contains fully aligned comprehensive curriculum content, supporting a mastery approach, developing the core skills of mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning.
Mymaths comprehensively supports SATs preparation.
Mymaths provides powerful diagnostic reporting and assessment tools to assist with “life after levels”.
Mymaths can help close the attainment gap for FSM (Pupil Premium) pupils.
Mymaths can play a key role in encouraging a “Growth Mindset” in maths.
Mymaths is shown to assist in building parental engagement.
Mymaths effectively supports personalised learning.

About Mymaths

Mymaths is a web-based learning program that integrates home and school learning via the internet; it is one of the world’s most used educational websites. As an online learning resource it is the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and achieve outstanding results.

Mymaths at Home

We recommend that you spend time looking at the program with your child so that you can gain the greatest understanding of how Mymaths will benefit his or her learning.
Mymaths is proven to significantly improve levels of attainment and progress